Breezy Hill Turning

Turned Wood Art by Michael Foster

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Welcome to the website featuring the turned work of Michael Foster.  Please browse the galleries and feel free to email me with questions or comments.  I have included some information for other turners with information on jigs, tools and shop layout.   I also have a page of links to other turners sites and resources.  I hope you enjoy your visit.
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I have been fascinated by the mathematical forms known as minimal surfaces. Mathematicians have described some pretty amazing forms and I have been absorbed in deriving some of them from work off the lathe. Check out the gallery for more.
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The Fibonacci series of numbers has been known for centuries. The numbers occur frequently in nature in some amazing and beautiful patterns. The series also gives rise to spirals seen in nature and the golden mean. This is my exploration into the Fibonacci series.
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The Scherk Series explores an interesting subset of minimal surfaces based on the math of Heinrich Scherk.
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While exploring minimal surfaces I discovered the interesting forms that can be derived from knots. The Knot Art series focuses on art derived from knots, many of which are specifically torus knots.
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Fractals are a branch of math that are quite interesting, but a bit of a challenge to represent. I have just begun exploring how to interpret fractals and express the concept in my work.
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Sphericons are unusual forms that are mathematical/geometric in origin, but quite conducive to woodturning. Here are a few of my explorations in these forms.
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Searching the internet I came across scanning electron micrographs of the amazing skeletons of microscopic life including radiolarians and diatoms. The diatom series and radiolarian series are inspired by these life forms we rely upon.
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Some of my work has had inspiration from different sources. Some have been completed for a specific purpose, some were to try a new technique others were done just for fun. This work can be found in the Assorted art gallery.
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Segmented work was the focus of my turning while I lived in Alaska because I didn't have access to good local turning timber. I spent a few years investigating segmented work, and the results of that exploration is displayed in this gallery.
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I have included galleries that show my shop/studio for those that are interested. There are photos and brief descriptions of my whole shop, the turning area and some of jigs and tools that I have made over the years.
The artwork shown on these pages are meant only to serve as a portfolio of my work. I did not set up the site for sales. If there is a piece that interests you, please email me and I can let you know if it is still available.
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