Avian Art

Vermont Spring- Chickadees in a bloomng apple tree-----SOLD


Vermont Spring- A gift for my mother on her 90th birthday-----SOLD


Vermont Spring-Sugar Maple, acrylics, epoxy and glass (eyes), 7"D x 7"H----SOLD


Winter Feast. My interpretation of a flock of Cedar Waxwings descending on a crab apple tree in winter to devour the fruit.---Available


Winter Feast. Sugar Maple, Acrylics, glass (eyes).---Available


Winter Feast. 7"H x 5.5"D---Available


Murmuration. Inspired by the spectacle of large flocks of European Starlings flying in .---Available


Murmuration. 8" H x 8"D. Sugar Maple, Acrylics, glass.---Available


Murmuration. Detail.---Available


Summer Marsh. A piece completed for the invitation show "New Horizons" showing in Richland, WA---Available


Summer Marsh. Inspired by my love of birding and a special bird to me, the Virginia Rail.---Available


Summer Marsh. 7.5" H x 7.5" D. Sugar Maple, India Ink, Acrylics.---Available

Avian Art

I was recently invited into a woodturning show titled New Horizons. This shows intent was to give the artist some freedom to do work that is completely different from their iconic work that they are known for. It did not take me long to decide on what to do. As you can see in the rest of my website, my work is inspired heavily by the maths and sciences. I have always enjoyed the challenge of interpreting the work of mathematicians and scientists using the medium of turned objects.

One of my other passions in life at the present is birding, and bird photography. I really enjoy being in the outdoors seeking the more elusive birds and trying to capture them in pictures. So it was really an easy step to try to capture some of the avian beauty in my turned work. These pieces really rely heavily on carving, and more specifically bas relief carving. Challenges here are trying to give the sense of depth of a scene with very little real depth. This series has me wrapped up in it, at least for now. I fully intend on continuing my exploration of the maths and sciences as well and expect I’ll do more with it in the future.