Knot Art

Endless Maple- A 4,3 Torus knot that is also a Mobius surface----AVAILABLE


Endless Maple- Quilted Maple, acrylics, epoxy. Stand is dyed oak with Fixatif sealer----AVAILABLE


Endless Maple- 8.5"D x 2.5", 13" on stand----AVAILABLE


Blowing Smoke- A piece constructed of 4 different torus knot forms and a sculpted mouth and base----AVAILABLE


Blowing Smoke- Torus knots- blister maple, bleach, lacquer
Lips and base- maple, acrylics-----AVAILABLE


Blowing Smoke- Torus knots-3.25” x 1” (3,4), 5.25” x 1.25” (5,4), 7” x 1.5” 7.4, 9" x 1.75" 8,5
Overall size is 9”W x 18” L x 11” H----AVAILABLE


Currents of the Cosmos- A 3,4 Torus knot. Selected as part of the AAW “Currents” show in Tampa 2013.----SOLD


Currents of the Cosmos- The torus is 11'D x 3", and it stands 14" H with the base.
Form-Cherry, Acrylics, Base-Maple, leather dye----SOLD


Currents of the Cosmos- A 3,Detail of the carving and coloring of the surface.----SOLD


A Mathematician's Dream- A turned and carved 2,3 torus knot----SOLD


A Mathematician's Dream- The surface joining the edges approximates a minimal surface and the cross section of the torus forms a hypocycloid.----SOLD


A Mathematician's Dream- Elder Burl 9” x 3”, Bush oil. Birch base ebonized with leather dye, 13” H with base----SOLD


Fibonacci Torus- An 8,5 torus knot joined by minimal surfaces. Base and knot are both inspired by the Fibonacci series.----SOLD


Fibonacci Torus- Torus- Curly maple, stain, Bush oil, 7” x 1.75”. Stand- Maple, Leather dye, wax, 10.5” tall with stand-----SOLD


Carnival Mathematica- A 5,3 torus knot.----SOLD


Carnival Mathematica- Torus knot- maple burl, inks, oil 6" x 2". Stand- maple, dye. 8"H x 9" W with stand----SOLD


Inversion- A minimal surface that joins a trefoil knot as the inner edge with a circle as the outer edge.----SOLD


Inversion- Figured big leaf maple, Bleach, stain, pyrography, 9" x 2.5”, stand is maple with dye and Krylon----SOLD


Infinite Loop- A trefoil knot minimal surface. The edges of the piece trace out a trefoil knot, and the wood joins those edges in a minimal surface.----AVAILABLE


Infinite Loop- Elder burl, colored epoxy, oil. 5.5”D x 2”----AVAILABLE

Knot Art

This page displays the work that is derived from knots. The edges of all of these pieces if transformed into string, would become knots. The edges are joined to make a surface or a form. I try to actually approach what would be a minimal surface or soap film, but this is only an approximation.

Many of the knots here are actually torus knots. This means that the edges of the forms lie on the surface of a torus (think doughnut). The resultant form may not look like it care from a torus, but indeed they all started as a torus, and were carved away after the knot was laid out on the surface. Torus knots are described (a,b)by the number of times the edge passes through the center hole
(a) and the number of times it circles the whole form (b). So a Mathematicians Dream is a 2,3 torus knot and Carnival Mathematica is a 5,3 torus knot. All of the torus knot forms I show here are, by the nature of their form, called non-orientable surfaces. That is, there is only one surface . If you trace your finger around the form it will come back to the starting point. The simplest of these is a moibus strip.

Both Infinite Loop and Inversion are minimal surfaces derived from trefoil knots which is a 3 lobed knot with d crossings. See the
minimal surface gallery for more information on minimal surfaces.