Inverted Dragons Blood- A piece inspired by the Dragons Blood Tree and the fractal pattern of its limbs----AVAILABLE


Inverted Dragons Blood- Red Maple, Acrylics, Chestnut Dyes, Waterlox, India Ink. 6" D x 6.5" H. 9" High on base. Base-Maple, India Ink, Acrylics----AVAILABLE


Inverted Dragons Blood- A picture showing the box open and the optional stand----AVAILABLE


Before and After- A minimal surface similar to Conic Inversion enhanced with 2 landscapes inspired by fractals as they manifest in the natural world.----SOLD


Before and After- The reverse side of the first picture. Maple Burl 11" x 3”, Bleach, Inks, Lacquer. Base-maple, dye.----SOLD


Before and After- A side view that more clearly shows the form created by multi-axial turning. The stand is also a result of multi axis turning.----SOLD


Fractal Ferns- A piece inspired by fractals. Each fern shape is reflected in each of its leafs which is also reflected in each leaflet.----AVAILABLE


Fractal Ferns- Split leaf Maple, 13” D x 5” H, Acrylics----AVAILABLE


Fractal Ferns- Detail view----AVAILABLE


Fractal Trees- Trees made from fractal splitting of the trunks/branches.----AVAILABLE


Fractal Trees- Osage Orange, pyrography, 7"H x 6.5”D, Bush oil----AVAILABLE


A fractal is an object or quantity that displays self-similarity on all scales. The object need not exhibit exactly the same structure at all scales, but the same type of structures must appear at all scales. An interesting, and paradoxical example is that of a coastline. The length of a coastline depends on the length of the ruler you measure it with. The smaller the ruler, the more detail of the shoreline is measured and the longer the coast.

The repetition of a form in smaller detail is known as an interation. Iterations can easily be seen in both fractal trees and fractal ferns. In a true fractal the iterations would continue to smaller and smaller detail if I had the skill and tools to produce it.

Many people are aware of fractals from the exploration of the famous Mandelbrot set. This is a set of equations that lead to a graphical display of infinite complexity. Computers have enabled the exploration of the boundary of this form that shows stunning complexity and beauty. Many programs can be found that allows the viewer to explore the set and the beauty of the colored graphics it can produce.
Here is a link to one of these sites.