Scherk Series

Scherk Tower VI- Curly red maple, Waterlox, 3" x3This is a series of work based on an interesting class of minimal surfaces defined by the Mathematian Heinrich Scherk. Many images of these forms may be found on the internet, which provided the inspiration for the series. While exploring these forms I ran across a program, Sculpture Generator, that Carlo Sequin wrote which will generate a 3D representation of a form based on parameters that can be modified by the user. I used the program to design a couple of these forms, but soon found that I could accomplish the design without the visual reference. I found that the jig I use to turn the form builds in repeatability and I can modify the twist of the form and hole size to my needs by eye. I find the geometry of these forms a visual treat and may continue to explore them in further pieces----SOLD

Scherk Tower VI-   Curly red maple, Waterlox, 3