Fibonacci Sunburst- Loosely based on the Fibonacci series of numbers.----AVAILABLE


Fibonacci Sunburst- Chakte Viga, Pao Amarillo, Bloodwood, Ebony and Curly Maple, 17h x 18"d----AVAILABLE


Skyphos- Inspired by Phoenician pottery from the 7th century BC----SOLD


Skyphos- Ebony and holly, 8.5"H x 8"D, lacquer----SOLD


All American- Created as a tribute to the victims of 9/11.----AVAILABLE


All American- Maple, cherry, walnut, elder burl, 18.5"H x 17.5"D, Waterlox----AVAILABLE


Saint Brendan's Cross- Inspired by the Celtic cross honoring the Irish monk, St. Brendan. The cross is a figure with the tails of 4 dolphins meeting in the center to form a cross.----AVAILABLE


Saint Brendan's Cross- Curly maple, claro walnut, Waterlox, 10"H x 9"D----AVAILABLE


Segmented Mirrors- Ash, Purpleheart, Walnut


Segmented Mirrors- Yellowheart, Mahogany, Black Palm
Walnut, curly maple, ebony


Crimson Pagoda- Oriental influences in design----SOLD


Crimson Pagoda- Bloodwoood, ebony, yvera, pernambuco, 25"H x 12"D----SOLD


Classic Vase- Yellowheart, mahogany, maple burl, ebony, 26"H x 14"D, Waterlox----SOLD


Classic Vase- The piece displayed in the Art Gallery in Sitka where it sold.----SOLD


Diamonds in Alaskan Birch- Alaskan birch, yvera, kingwood, mahogany, 14"H x 10"D, Waterlox finish----SOLD


Diamonds in Alaskan Birch- Detail----SOLD


Golden Urn- Created as a gift for my parents 50th Anniversary----SOLD


Golden Urn- Maple, luan, birch burl, amboyna burl, claro walnut, bubinga, 12"H x 10"D, Waterlox----SOLD


Royal Spiral- Wenge, bloodwood, bubinga, curly maple, purpleheart, ash, quilted maple----SOLD


Royal Spiral- My largest segmented form at 26"H x 18"D----SOLD


Inside Out- The form inspired the name----SOLD


Inside Out- Zebrawood, yvera, pernambuco, ebony, 15H x 10"D, Waterlox----SOLD


Through the wormhole- Inspired by my love of physics, astrophysics and SciFi----SOLD


Through the wormhole- Through the Wormhole", maple, walnut, bubinga, yellowheart, purpleheart,ebony----SOLD


Queen Nephertite's Lotus Vase- Ash, purpleheart, wenge, maple, 15"H x 9"D, Waterlox finish----SOLD


Queen Nephertite's Lotus Vase- Detail----SOLD


Maple Lotus- quilted maple, bloodwood, holly, purpleheart, 6"H x 14"D----SOLD


Maple Lotus- Side view-----SOLD

Segmented Work

These photos show some of the segmented work I have completed.  Hundreds of pieces of wood are cut and assembled to create the patterns that you see. Woods from all over the world are used for their natural colors and properties. Each piece requires careful planning and meticulous attention to detail to construct.  I have enjoyed the challenges they present. 

Most of this work was completed while I lived in Alaska. My access to large pieces of hardwoods were limited and storing such wood presents challenges. Segmented work uses kiln dried wood which was much easier for me to ship to Alaska and store without problems. I no longer do much segmented work as I have unlimited access to great hardwoods out my back door and my interests are better realized using solid wood. I wouldn’t rule out my return to segmented work at some future date.

Fibonacci Sunburst was inspired by my investigation of the Fibonacci series of numbers. While not organic as some of the carved pieces, the Fibonacci series is reflected in the numbers of elements (types of wood, number of spirals, numbers of layers....).

Skyphos was based on a piece of Phoenician pottery of the geometric era, about 1000 BC, that I saw in the Boston Museum of art. Interestingly, a piece of pottery of this same shape and design was also done by a Navajo potter.

I was on a trip to the Maine seacoast and got inspired by some jewelry that featured 4 dolphins in a ring which formed a Celtic cross. Researching the story behind the design led to really interesting history and the inspiration for the piece,
St. Brendan’s Cross. I wrote a very brief biography of the story behind the cross and the monk which can be found here.

I completed the piece
All American shortly after 9/11 as a tribute to the victims of the disaster. Looking into the piece there is a suggestion of stars and stripes. All the wood in the piece is from the US, hence the name.

Golden Urn was a gift to my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. It was the first turned piece that I tried my hand at doing some carving on.